Department of Gastroenterology at U.S. Diagnostic Centre

Gastroenterology is a branch of medicine dealing with the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the Gastrointestinal tract or commonly known as the GI tract. All organs of the body that lie between the mouth and the anus, such as, the esophagus or swallowing tube, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, liver, gall bladder and pancreas are affected by gastroenterological disorders. There are a number of disorders that lead to GI conditions, such as acid reflux, ulcers, IBS, Hepatitis C, growth in the large intestine, jaundice, hemorrhoids, bloddy stool, inflammation of pancreas and colon cancer. The first step to treating any GI disorder is by making an accurate diagnosis of the condition. This can sometimes be tricky as symptoms are non-specific. Gastroenterological procedures include endoscopic ultrasounds such as capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, colorectal cancer screening, Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, and flexible sigmoidoscopy. Lower GI tract colonoscopy helps to detect polyps in the colon or colon cancer. Advance endoscopic procedures include cholangioscopy, balloon assisted enteroscopy, endoscopic full thickness resection, endoscopic mucosal resection and liver biopsy. Treatment of GI disorders include dietary and endoscopic treatments, medication, integrative medicine, GI cancer treatments, radiological treatments and more.

Here at U.S. Diagnostic Centre, we perform Upper GI  Endoscopy and Lower GI Colonoscopy techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to detect any disorders of the GI tract. For all tests conducted under this department, click on Tests.